Hannah and Dave have one of those marriages where you can easily see why they fit so well together. Having met a long time ago (it feels even longer now since kiddos are in the picture) back in college, it was so wonderful to reconnect with these two and help to capture this special and sweet time in their lives.

Like many couples, the opportunity felt right to start a family and then things started taking an extremely long time. After a long battle to bring this little guy into the world, Hannah and Dave were ready to announce his arrival, celebrate him in his baby-bump stage, and dream about the future and what it might mean, very soon to become a family of 3.

Knowing the fear that can engulf women in their pregnancies, and the restlessness of knowing that baby may not make it, I understood and also my heart poured into this pictures having lost one of our own babies and knowing that babies from conception to birth are truly little miracles. I wanted to celebrate that miracle by doing this shoot at sunset. Letting light block out fear and make way for hope and big dreams!

And then... Little Samuel arrived. And he's perfect.